About Us
 Huffman Radiator Service Ltd. has been in business since 1972, established by Bruce R Huffman. Growing up as a child, Bruce worked for his fathers radiator shop in Corpus Christi, Texas.
After graduation, Bruce started working full time as a fire fighter for The Corpus Christi Fire Department, and part time for his dad. After his fathers passing, Bruce moved to Sinton, Texas into a 600 Sq. Ft. building doing radiator work part time and still fire fighting full time.
The oil-field industry was running full throttle about that time so Bruce let go of the fire fighter job and concentrated on radiator work full time. In 1981, Bruce purchased another facility in Sinton where his business still stands today. After starting off his business like a back yard type radiator shop, Huffman Radiator has grown in size ( about 3 city blocks to be exact ).
Huffman Radiator is a member of The National Automotive Radiator Service Association also known as (NARSA). He credits alot of his success to this organization, particularly those members from the past who are now deseased but also those members still present today.
Huffman Radiator Service has built up quite a reputation in the radiator industry, especialy along the lines of heavy duty, providing services all across Texas, Louisianna, the entire gulf coast region, The Gulf Of Mexico Offshore and South America.
We bring many years of experience with some employees logging in anywhere from 20-30 years of full time employment. We strive on quality, dependability and we guarantee our work.
So if you want good quality cooling system radiator service, Huffman Radiator Service Ltd. is the right place to get it done.